We offer a wide array of services with all of the services designed to meet the needs of our many customers. Below is a summary of these services. You can click on the menu to the right for more information on any service.

Company Training

We provide on site training for companies whose employees interact with foreigners using English as the means of communication. This training includes both oral and written correspondence with particular emphasis on the business needs of the company.

School Management

Many schools desire to provide excellent services to the students however they may be lacking some resources to be effective. We can assist the schools by providing services such as foreign teacher recruitment, teacher training, curriculum development and reviewing student progress.

Adult Training

We offer assistance to those adults who are seeking to improve their English fluency so that they can travel abroad, prepare for employment advancement or just for the enjoyment of learning another language. We offer assistance with C4 and C6 exams for college students as well assistance with other exam.

Study Abroad

We can assist students and parents during the decision making process when families are making often difficult decisions. Since we are not an agency, we can provide unbias suggestions to students and their parents. We can also offer assessments of the students academic progress to suggest the best route for the student to meet their educational goals and objectives.

English Club

New Start English has started an English club that meets weekly. The club is comprised of individuals who would like to practice their english in such forums as general conversations, reading books, discussing music, community excursions, etc. The club is open to all individuals at no cost for the club.